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Our proud tradition of outstanding leadership stems from a continued success and dedication to developing our own leaders. This program offered trains and encourages past campers and others to become staff members. The staffed LC cabin will learn leadership skills, complete a project and gain hands-on experience with campers of all ages. Our proud tradition of outstanding leadership stems from a continued success and dedication to developing our own leaders.

LC's will have the opportunity to be "junior counselors" during the last 2 weeks of the program. They will do almost everything as a junior leader of their cabin group. However, the age group and program they will be involved in will be determined during the course of their program. Because of this, the equipment necessary will vary for each LC.


2020 Leaders Corp Program Outline and Policy


The purpose of the Hayo-Went-Ha Camp’s LC program is to develop leadership skills that can be used to become outstanding staff members. This program is designed for people who want to lead youth in the Hayo-Went-Ha’ Camp's programs, be a positive role model, and provide a transformative camping experience to youth.


  • Collectively decide on and complete a project as a marker of the group’s commitment to the camp community
  • Realize your leadership style, understand how to use that as a counselor, and be open to growing and improving your leadership skills
  • Practice selflessness, flexibility, and projecting a positive attitude
  • Gain confidence to lead your peers and make thoughtful decisions
  • Learn to relate and stay engaged with campers of all ages
  • Develop communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Complete 100 hours of community service



  • Orientation, expectations, goals, rules and regulations.
  • Meet other staff members.
  • Group project development and planning, start gathering materials.
  • Communication, social justice, self-esteem, conflict resolution, decision making and counseling scenarios, along with general training.
  • Teambuilding activities to build cohesion among the LCs.  


  • Begin project.
  • Cabin time – learning responsibilities within the cabin, working together.
  • Assist with five-day instruction and learning program areas and job skills.
  • Camper interaction at G-Swim and Counselor Swim.
  • Development and implementation of an evening activity.
  • Assistance in many areas of the daily camp running.
  • Daily debrief.


  • Assigned to a cabin group, spend meals, cabin times, evening routine, and trips with that cabin group.
  • Help with end-of-session responsibilities like camper reports, paper plates, and ditties. The LC experience and general discussion about future counselor positions.
  • Wrap up and debrief
  • Learn what being a counselor is all about!



Camp is a great place to unplug and build strong, genuine relationships. By limiting the use of electronics, we believe it will preserve the rustic feel of camp and enhance the camp experience. To do this, we ask that you please do not bring any laptops or Ipads. Cell phones and Ipods are allowed and may be used during the designated time of 9:30pm-11:30pm only. If parents/guardians need to reach your camper please call the camp office (12:40pm is the best time) or email the Camp Director. 



If LC participants are driving themselves to camp, they will need to turn in their car keys at the office to the Camp Director.  LC’s will not be allowed to drive while participating in the LC program for liability reasons.  Days off are preferably scheduled as a group activity, however if participants would like to schedule individual time off with family or friends they must get written parent/guardian permission to do so. 



At the conclusion of the LC program all participates must be checked out by a parent/guardian. If LC’s have their own vehicle or their parents/guardians are unable to check them out, a written and signed letter from a parent/guardian is required along with a call to the Camp Director to discuss this further. No LC will be allowed to check themselves out without written permission. Once an LC has been checked out of the program they are free to leave camp and plan their own off camp activities, this may involve interacting with camp staff who are 18 years or older and are on their own time off. There are no planned or organized camp activities at this time. With new State employment regulations all counseling staff must be 18 years old or graduated from High School so there will be no opportunities for employment for any LC this summer. We do however look forward to hearing from you for the following year for summer positions.  


Along with an enrollment contract and a $375 deposit the following questions must be answered and submitted before June 1st. 

  1. Why do you want to be a part of the Leadership Corps program?
  2. Describe one experience at camp or in your life that has prepared you to be a leader.
  3. Why will you be a valuable addition to this program and to future camp staff? 


Leadership Corps

Length Options

4 Weeks




Completed Eleventh Grade


Overnight / Sleep Away Camp

Trip Destinations

This Program Trains and Encourages Past Campers to Become Staff Members.

Popular Camp Activities

Kayaking, Sailing, Polar Bear Swim, High Ropes Course, Zip Line, Climbing Wall, Campfires, Rifle Range

2020 Program Fee

$3,000.00 for a 4-week session. This program will require AN ADDITIONAL $75 deposit in the camper's camp store to cover laundry and additional trip expenses



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