Moose Tracks & Tent Packs

Isle Royale Adventure Camp

FOR OVER 75 YEARS, our HWH campers have enjoyed hiking Isle Royale National Park in northern Lake Superior. This truly unique experience features one week at camp getting ready for fourteen days of unequaled hiking on Isle Royale. Encounter a moose while hiking! Isle Royale has been a prime example of north woods wilderness. Just east of Thunder Bay, Canada, no vehicles are allowed on this island and the only “roads” are the hiking trails. After the voyage on the Isle Royale Queen III out of Copper Harbor, Michigan, the backpacking adventure begins! During the camper's first and last weeks of camp, they are able to enjoy all of the great HWH in-camp activities.




Isle Royale Adventure Camp

Length Options

4 Weeks




Completed Eighth or Ninth Grade


Overnight / Sleep Away Camp

Trip Destinations

14 day hiking trip to Isle Royale National Park

Popular Camp Activities

Kayaking,Hiking, Polar Bear Swim, High Ropes Course, Zip Line, Climbing Wall, Campfires, Rifle Range

2019 Program Fee

$4,000.00 for a 4-week session. This program will require AN ADDITIONAL $50 deposit in the camper's camp store to cover laundry and additional trip expenses

2019 Program Dates

Session 1: Saturday, June 15 - Friday, July 12

Session 2: Sunday, July 14 - Saturday, August 10

Trip Equipment

The following list is detailed and specific for the Isle Royale trip.

  • Hiking boots (broken in) – NOT sneakers!
  • Backpack (A good size would be 4500 - 6000 cubic inches with an internal frame and an adjustable hip strap)
  • Pack cover (to protect pack from rain)
  • Wool or wool blend socks
  • Hiking liner socks (Using a light weight liner sock inside heavier wool or hiking socks will draw moisture away from your skin reducing blisters.)
  • Polypropylene/thermal underwear
  • Zip Lock bags (assorted sizes)
  • Backpack camping towel (smaller size towel)
  • Pocket Knife
  • Sunglasses
  • * 2 Bungee cords and 2 carabiners (To hang items off your pack)
  • * Wool hat
  • * An additional water bottle.

* Available in the camp store - Quality gear can be found at

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